porch update

so last july (...ahem....i've been a bad blogger!) i posted about wanting to do a project for my back porch. my goals were that it would be very wallet-friendly and add some privacy as well as some personality to a somewhat large and empty space. 

as you might already know, fabric is expensive!  but especially outdoor fabric! and i had many feet of windows i needed to cover.  so in order to keep my costs low on the curtains, i went with already made shower curtains that i chose specifically so that it wouldn't look like...a shower curtain.  so my curtains are made from a neutral goldish-tan, plain fabric that i hemmed to the proper length for my window openings.  i found them for under $9 each at big lots (they are the better homes and gardens brand.  not too bad!)  the nice part is, they already had buttonholes at the top for me to add rings.  i found spring-loaded curtain holders and curtain rings (i went with plain silver) at big lots as well, for less than $5 each.

i found some REALLY cheap fabric that coordinated and made some large curtain ties that hold two curtains together for maximum light.  from the leftover fabric, i made a table cloth and a coordinating pillow for my chaise lounge.

all for under $100.

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